At what age can a child begin the journey to improve vertical jump?

At what age can a child begin the journey to a higher vertical jump?

We can start to build the foundations of an explosive athlete from a very young age. We must always focus on fun and play for very young athletes. That is not to say that we can’t make jump training fun. With the right approach to coaching it can be very fun indeed.

We find that 12+ year olds respond best to a structured jump training regime. At the end of the day, jump training is just another form of healthy exercise for young kids.

Strength training is the gateway to a very impressive vertical jump. By loading the muscles with more and more resistance over time the body adapts creating much more potential for power and explosiveness to be derived from plyometric and power exercises. In junior athletes, jump training should focus on developing stability and correcting muscles imbalances and weaknesses rather than pure brute strength and power. HEAVY strength training is NOT recommended.

❌Common mistakes in improving vertical jump performance

  • Too much strength training and the wrong exercises

  • Too much plyometrics work

  • Not enough maximal jumping

  • Not enough strength training

  • Not enough recovery

❗️What exercises can improve vertical jump performance?

The training methods listed below will all contribute to an improved vertical jump, but note a combination has been shown to be superior approach.

  1. Plyometrics/jump training – Hops, box jumps, jump squats

  2. Medicine ball training – Squat jump throws, backwards toss, forwards toss

  3. Lifting weights – Squats, deadlifts, hip hinging, lunging, step ups

At Prescribe Exercise Wollongong our team are experienced working with teenage and youth athletes who are aspiring to take their sports performance to the next level in a safe and technique focused environment. A well-designed and comprehensive program that is tailored to the individual’s sport and their personal needs improves the chances of a long-term success with reduced risks of injury. At Prescribe we prioritise technique, movement quality and skill development in our emerging athletes so they have the capacity to progress their training load and intensity over time safely.

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