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Strength and Conditioning


Strength & Conditioning

At Prescribe we have experience working in sports and high performance with years of experiencing in coaching elite, semi-professional and aspiring athletes across Wollongong and Sydney. Our custom designed private facility is ideal for both recreational and professional athletes who want to ensure their physical preparation is of the highest quality.


We specialise in the management of field and ball sports athletes such as Rugby League, Union, Soccer, Touch. Oztag, Netball and Basketball.


Our Strength and Conditioning services include:

  • Strength and Power Testing

  • Olympic Weightlifting Analysis

  • On-Field Speed, Agility and Conditioning Testing

  • Sports Specific Testing Batteries

  • Vertical Jump Profiling

  • Functional Movement Screening

  • Preseason and Inseason Periodised Programming

  • Supervised Individualised Sessions

  • Return to Performance and Reconditioning following Injury

  • Load and Well-being Monitoring



Direct Physiological Benefits of an Individualised Strength and Power Program:

  • Increased hypertrophy (muscle mass)

  • Increased rate of force development

  • Increased maximal strength

  • Neural changes resulting in increased muscle contraction speed

  • Transition of muscle fibre type

  • Increased bone mineral density

  • Improved body composition

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Accredited Exercise Physiologist


Accredited Exercise Physiologist



Accredited Exercise Physiologist

"Went to see Shane about my sore back, worked with him to get it back to 100% and the results were awesome. Can now go back to work pain free. I was also able to contact him about another matter and got some really good advice from him which helped me out a lot. Would highly recommend to anyone!"

Darren - Injured Worker