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When to refer?

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP) are experts in the field of health and exercise rehabilitation using the prescription of exercise with a range of chronic health issues and injuries

when to refer?

It is recommended that you refer to an Accredited Exercise Physiologist if you encounter any of the following: 


To improve MENTAL HEALTH - There’s plenty of research that demonstrates how valuable exercise is for both improving mental health and helping to protect against mental illnesses like depression. People living with mental illness often experience additional barriers to being active.


To help manage CHRONIC CONDITION OR INJURY - Our AEP's specialise in working with those living with illness or injury. We understand the challenges and complexities associated with a range of conditions and will work alongside your healthcare team to deliver SAFE & EFFECTIVE exercise interventions.


When SYMPTOM ONSET IS INSIDIOUS in nature and/or recovery has plateaued with acute treatment.


When FEAR-AVOIDANT BEHAVIOURS and/or withdrawal from usual activity is noted. (We utilise a biopsychosocial approach)


When meaningful physical activity is not already a clear and CENTRAL FOUNDATION of your rehabilitation plan.


To OVERCOME CHRONIC PAIN caused by injury or overuse. Many people living with pain avoid exercise for fear that it will make it worse. In fact, research suggests that exercise may be one of the most effective pain management techniques.


When clear and purposeful EMPOWERMENT TO SELF MANAGE exercise rehabilitation is needed.


When DECONDITIOINING becomes evident and the restoration of function is required for work and life.


When CLEARLY DEFINED OUTCOMES and progressive goals or not being planned or achieved.


Our AEP's can help you

There are a wide range of reasons why you will benefit from an accredited exercise physiologist. These include treating injury and chronic disease management a range of conditions including:

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Pulmonary disease

  • Metabolic disease

  • Neurological disease

  • Musculoskeletal disease (including arthritis, osteoporosis/osteopenia, acute and/or chronic musculoskeletal issues)

  • Depression and other mental health conditions

  • Cancer

Accredited exercise physiologists may also assist with:

  • Assessments of functional capacity

  • Advice on lifestyle modification to improve health status

  • Exercise prescriptions for strength and function improvement pre- and post-surgery

  • Workplace assessments.

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Accredited Exercise Physiologist


Accredited Exercise Physiologist



Accredited Exercise Physiologist