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Athletic Development

Do you have young athletes aiming to compete

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Athletic Development

Long Term Athletic Development is vital to the progress of a young athlete aiming to compete at their highest level for a long time. Our team is experienced in working with teenage and youth athletes who are aspiring to take their sports performance to the next level in a safe and technique focused environment. A well-designed and comprehensive program that is tailored to the individual’s sport and their personal needs improves the chances of a long-term success with reduced risks of injury. At Prescribe we prioritise technique, movement quality and skill development in our emerging athletes so they have the capacity to progress their training load and intensity over time safely.

Evidence for youth

Evidence-based guidelines for youth development suggests:

  • Close monitoring and supervision

  • Quality instruction and demonstration

  • A large variation in training modes and sports (early specialisation increases risk of overuse injuries)

  • Starting with low to moderate loads with a focus on technique

  • Gradual individualised progressions


Benefits of Youth Resistance Training:

  • Increase in muscular hypertrophy

  • Improve overall health and wellness

  • Improve motor skills

  • Reduce injury rates

  • Improve sports performance



Resistance training stunts growth – Incorrect

  • Appropriate resistance training improves bone mineral density, and attenuates development of osteoporosis

Resistance training is dangerous – Incorrect

  • Appropriate resistance reduces injury rates in sport, 50% of overuse injuries from sport can be removed with proper preparation including resistance training

What to Expect

An initial Athletic Development consultation will include:

  • Discussion of Medical History

  • Sports, Injury and Training Histories

  • Currently presenting concerns or conditions

  • Goals and Goal Setting

  • Injury Screening and Physical assessment

  • Sports Specific Testing

  • Age and Maturation appropriate Strength and Fitness Testing

  • Parent and Child Education

  • Future Management Plan


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Accredited Exercise Physiologist



Accredited Exercise Physiologist



Accredited Exercise Physiologist

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Accredited Exercise Physiologist

"Went to see Shane about my sore back, worked with him to get it back to 100% and the results were awesome. Can now go back to work pain free. I was also able to contact him about another matter and got some really good advice from him which helped me out a lot. Would highly recommend to anyone!"

Darren - Injured Worker