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CTP & Life


We help you fix your injury, regain your health and restore your body towards pre injury capacity.


"Ask your doctor to prescribe exercise today"

Compulsory third party (CTP)

It is widely accepted that exercise based rehabilitation programs are the single most effective tool in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and preventing long term disability.


Treating injuries after a motor vehicle accident indicates you stay active, return to usual activities and rehabilitate via physical activity.


Our team of exercise physiologists through exercise prescription aim to restore our clients to pre-accident capacities and ADL, even improve them to a point that they are better off than before. Optimizing quality of life, decreasing overall treatment timeframes and implementing self management are all key outcomes of of programs.


Life Insurance

Using clinical guidance and expertise, we provide Income Protection policy holders who have suffered an illness or injury with exercise based work conditioning programs.


We help injured people regain their health and strive toward their personal and rehabilitative goals.

commitment to excellence


We pride ourselves on achieving outcomes, to do this we are committed to helping you however we can.


Guaranteeing regular contact every 2 weeks via phone calls, reports and email updates to insurers and/or rehabilitation providers.


We provide doctors and stakeholders with timely updates on current functional status and progress for accurate certificate of capacity


We love to get onsite at the workplace to assist us to get a full understanding of the worker’s pre injury duties and work conditions

"Went to see Shane about my sore back, worked with him to get it back to 100% and the results were awesome. Can now go back to work pain free. I was also able to contact him about another matter and got some really good advice from him which helped me out a lot. Would highly recommend to anyone!"

Darren - Injured Worker